Chiave di volta

Collection – Chiave di Volta

History shows us society’s wavy course: man has resisted, has adapted and has never surrendered. Even in our era, the unexpected has shaken the balances that were created, generating a suspended time in the void.  Circumstances forced everyone to take individual responsibility and ask themselves: “what am I doing for my world and my time?”.This is the optimism that allows us to  grow stronger and more conscious; we cannot back out. The mechanism starts with the will. Once you turn the  key, the directions change. The message is to use your own strength to trigger this mechanism and transform this reality made of incomprehensible threads and entanglements.

One hand makes all the difference, but if it is the whole of humanity that rotates the key and reverses the devices in favor of this space – earth, then yes, the faucet will open, then yes, there will be a new revolution.

A revolution for humanity.

Materials: iron, wood, aluminum, concrete
Paratissima Art Fair 2020 – 2021 Torino
Number of artworks per collection: 1
Year: 2020

Chiave di volta

197x80x45 cm / 77,5×31,5×17,8 in