L’albero dei sogni

Collection – L’albero dei sogni

THIS IS A FAIRYTALE. A pomegranate tree who died 10 years ago and would eventually have become something important. Yellow.

The balance of the threads that intertwine and that give a new life to this trunk and the copper that will change color and will turn the leaves into a coated green are like dreams that have manifested, like the evolution of things. The beginning, not the end, eternity.

Here I have put every ounce of my soul, because the request was the most important that could reach me. The tree of dreams, dreams for everyone, for you and for all those who have never given up and never will.

A tale for everyone.

Materials: wood, copper wires
Number of artworks per collection: 1
Year: 2020

L’albero dei sogni

210x90x90 cm / 82,6×35,4×35,4 in