Collection – Luce

If there was no light, we couldn’t see shapes, shades, volumes.

The changing light creates new landscapes and new infinite realities are revealed. These three different realities are representations of the same scenario at different times of the day: at dawn, with its delicate pastel shades, at sunset, and at the blue hour. Every day is a different world. Every day you can pick a different place, but it will always be magical and charged with Mother Earth’s energy.

A message to find and understand is hidden in every work of the collection, look for it!

Materials: aacrylics, concrete, chalk
Number of artworks per collection: 3
Year: 2020

8 p.m.

92,5×59 cm / 36,4×23,2 in
Inspirational music: Jerome Alexander – Wasps
Painting on panel

8 P.M. Sabrina Barrera